Divided we fall

So I originally wrote this as a response to a Facebook post on an anti-Brexit/ pro-EU group but it is applicable to many causes so I thought I’d blog it as well.

Someone had posted on the group basically saying how frustrated they were about Brexit and how everyone was ‘sleepwalking to their doom’ and no one was doing anything. Naturally the comments quickly descended into finger pointing, ‘what is OP doing?!?!?!’ ‘well I’m actually doing x,y,and z!!! What about YOU?’….etc etc, I’m sure you’ve seen that type of I-care-more-than-you bickering before.

We see this in other circles as well, including feminism. The activist-topping retoric that distracts from the actual causes and the fact they we all want the same thing, we all want an equal and fair future!

I get that people are frustrated, but is that not part of the problem? Instead of supporting others with a common goal we start in-fighting and finger pointing asking ‘what have you done?’, or implying ‘well I’m better than you because I’ve done more things’ (completely ignoring what other people’s situations might be) – discouraging those who might feel overwhelmed or unable to contribute (people who can’t protest because of physical restrictions or family commitments etc). I’d really love it if we could all come together and say ‘hey we might not all be able to do everything, and we are all frustrated, overwhelmed and pissed off but here is what I’m doing to help, who else can join me’. Otherwise we’ve lost before we’ve started because at least the ‘other side’ seem to be able to organise whilst we play ‘I’m a better activist than you’.


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